What is reiki ?

The word reiki in Japanese means “universal vital energy”. Rei translates as “vital force”.  It is this vital force which inhabits and acts in any matter – animal, vegetable or mineral. The Ki is defined as the vital energy that governs the universe. It is when this force leaves our body that we pass from life to death.

All living elements contain and release Ki.  However, reiki masters are connected to the inexhaustible source of Ki in the universe.  They constitute a vector for transmitting this energy to others.

How does it work?

When the practitioner transmits reiki by their hands, it stimulates the self-regulating ability of the patient’s body. The energy thus conveyed permeates the person being treated deep within, reaching the precise spot where diseases originate.  Reiki goes directly to the part of the body that needs it most, helping the release of energy blockages, ridding the body of its toxins and working to restore a balance. Reiki also helps people to assume and allows them to adopt the changes in attitude and lifestyle that contributes to well-being.

Reiki is a holistic concept, a healthy and natural way to relieve intermittent or chronic afflictions, while providing a general emotional and spiritual moral well-being. Reiki is suitable for everyone, young and old, pregnant women and those undergoing surgery. It also has a toning action and allows those who are healthy to remain so. Reiki practice strengthens us spiritually by allowing us to fully appreciate all aspects of our lives and to comprehend the world as we should.

Like all alternative therapies, reiki cannot in any way replace traditional medicine, although some people, using their free will, decide otherwise. However, no reiki practitioner can advise on medical issues, treatment, or whether anyone to interrupt or stop consulting with their doctor.

Perhaps there is only one healer: Love!

When I shut myself up, I feel detached from those around me and the events of this world. On the other hand, when I am more open and more attentive to others, I feel closer to them and I feel, in a way, a sense of unity. The experience proves to me that love heals precisely because it induces this sensation of unity and that reiki itself constitutes an expression of this love.