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Very young children in the poorest tribal villages of southern Rajasthan are often left at home alone or with young siblings whilst their parents work. They lack adequate care, safety and nourishing food, resulting in malnutrition and ill-health. Seva Mandir’s day care (balwadi) programme addresses these issues by offering a safe, loving environment, nutritious meals and supplements for children from birth to 5 years old, for six hours a day, six days a week.

Difficult and dangerous hilly terrain and long distances from government run daycare centres mean that many small children are left at home or accompany their mothers to the fields whilst they work. Where there are government daycare, they are often poorly run and do not cover hours or ages for pre-school care. Without adequate food and stimulating surroundings many of these children fall sick, are anemic, under nourished and are unlikely to go to school at all in the future.

The daycare centres are set up in some of the remotest areas of southern Rajasthan. They are open for six hours a day, six days a week, enabling mothers to leave their children in a safe, loving and stimulating environment. Local women are trained to work with children from birth up to 5 years old and register births, monitor malnutrition and health. Children are served one meal a day with additional nutritious supplements and they get essential health care via immunisation camps.

The young children receive nourishing food and supplements, health monitoring, activity-based learning and simple hygiene and sanitation practices. Mothers are happy to leave their children in safety whilst they work and are counselled on diet and health, which results in less malnutrition and illness. The children become more socially aware and more likely to join mainstream education. There are currently 186 daycare centres (balwadis) covering 4,500 children in remote rural areas.

Organization Information

  • Seva Mandir
  • Location: Udaipur, Rajasthan – India
  • Project leader: Priyanka Singh
  • Website: http:/​/​www.sevamandir.org
  • Resources: http:/​/​www.sevamandir.org

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This project works to empower Dalit and Tribal women’s groups to come together to tackle issues of violence against women in India. 70% of Indian women are victims of domestic violence. Reported rapes increased to 33,707 in 2013. Many more cases go unreported and marital rape is not a criminal offence in India. Dalit and Adivasi women are particularly vulnerable to violence due to their low social and economic status.

Violence against women is an enduring problem in India. 70% of women are victims of domestic violence. In 2013, reported rapes rose 35% to 33,707. A great number of rape cases go unreported, and marital rape is not a criminal offence in India. In addition to this, Honour killings, female infanticide, and acid attacks are all significant problems in India today. Dalit (low-caste) and Adivasi (tribal) women are particularly at risk from violence, because of their low economic and social status.

This project helps train and network 12 grassroots organisations working across 5 states to work on these issues. These organisations are already working on various issues with women. This project allows these organisations to come together and run ‘violence against women’ awareness campaigns in their regions. It provides extra resources and training for banners, posters, street plays, workshops, camps, and other activities to empower vulnerable women to stand up to violence.

In the long-term, Karuna’s partner organisations are working to empower women and change attitudes in wider society. We have already seen reduced violence against women in some of the villages and slums we have been working in for more than 2 years. This results not only in reduced violence, but also a general increase in the value of women in society as indicated by increased enrolment of girls in school, women able to leave the house and find work, and some even running for village parliament.

Organization Information

  • Karuna
  • Location: London, England – United Kingdom
  • Project leader: keval shah
  • Website: http:/​/​www.karuna.org/​
  • Resources: http:/​/​www.karuna.org/​

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Police cells in Sierra Leone are poorly equipped and often almost uninhabitable. Correctional Centres are slightly better, but women can be imprisoned for years on end with poor access to sanitary items and appropriate medication, and many do not receive visits from family members at all. AdvocAid seeks to allow women to preserve their dignity and obtain new skills while in detention by providing education, counselling and welfare support.

In 2014, one third of Sierra Leone’s female inmates had never been to school, and 83% earned less than $1 a day. This mix of poverty and illiteracy is a key reason women commit crimes, yet there are few rehabilitation programmes for inmates. Sierra Leone’s detention facilities are often dark, cramped and unsanitary and the correctional centres lack necessities like medicine, toiletries and nutritious food. They also don’t have budgets for supporting children imprisoned with their mothers.

AdvocAid and their partner, EducAid, will run literacy and numeracy classes for female inmates. If they raise enough funds, they will also provide skills training to increase their chances of finding employment upon release. We monitor the conditions in detention facilities, and our social worker provides welfare packages with sanitary items, medicine and clothing as well as counselling services and family tracing to reduce the negative impact of incarceration on women and their children.

AdvocAid believes that women should be able to grow and prosper during their time in prison, so they can be more active and productive citizens once released. Denying women this opportunity increases the risk of them being ostracised from their community and further impoverished when they leave prison. Their detainee support programme helps inmates to stay motivated and become more confident while equipping them with vital life skills, which offer them a chance of a brighter future.

Organization Information

  • AdvocAid
  • Location: Freetown, Western Region – Sierra Leone
  • Project leader: Simitie Lavaly
  • Website: http:/​/​www.advocaidsl.com
  • Resources: http:/​/​www.advocaidsl.com

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Ana got pregnant for the first time when she was 17. She lost the baby 7 months into her pregnancy, and a year later became pregnant again. This time she lost the baby and her own life. This story is too common in Palawan, Philippines, where reproductive health services and information are unavailable to girls like Ana. Roots of Health want to educate girls about their bodies and health and provide access to free, high-quality services so they are empowered, healthy and in school.

In the Philippines, young people do not have access to comprehensive sexuality education. Myths and misconceptions abound, leading to high rates of teen pregnancy (1 in 4 pregnancies in Palawan are to teens) and maternal deaths. When a girl drops out of school, her possibilities for the future are diminished and she’s caught in the same cycle of poverty she was born into. Providing young people with sex education will help protect their futures.

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The less privileged elders need food, love and care. This project will provide meals to 57 homeless old age persons. Every day CHHASE provide nutritious food to 57 destitute elder, who are homeless, neglected by their families. Due to poverty some families are not able to feed these older persons. Among 57 poor old age persons, some of them use to beg at neighbor houses, nearby locations to feed themselves. Our little contribution to the elderly makes their world healthy and happy.

The 57 homeless elderly persons are suffering with starvation, ill-health in the project area. The age group of these older people is 65 to 80 years. Sometimes they used to beg on the streets to feed themselves. Their pathetic condition forced us to feed them with nutritious meals to keep them healthier. Most of them are having anemic problem due to lack of food and medical care. Most of them are not having home and sleeps at neighbor houses, school verandas, and community halls and at bus stops

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Earlier this autumn, the Mount Agung in Bali has awaken from a long 53 year nap. The inhabitants living on or near the Mount Agung have been displaced since the end of September 2017. Several months already and it could become years. Those people are likely to experience great lost such as their homes, farms and livestock.

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This project for 12000 tribe women and girls in Tamil Nadu is providing Training and Counseling on prevention and escaping from violence. Legal support and action and rehabilitation support for victim girl and women. Skill training to risk and victim girls and women for self business and earning is provided. Tribe girl and women are the first and direct beneficiaries of the programme.

Tribe girls and women are facing sex abuse, rape, murder, bondage, caste abuse, economical exploitation and working place violence. As Tribe people are very bottom level of Indian caste system along with caste slavery and caste bondage, multiple oppressions on tribe women and girls are fallen from upper caste male and female. At domestic level she faces violence as child marriage, family burden, affecting of superstition and Migration are making further oppression and tragedy life.

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Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. Women are 51% of the total country population and their literacy rate is alarming especially in rural areas due to social and cultural obstacles. Of Every 100 girls in rural Pakistan, only 18 will reach the 8th grade, only 1 complete high school. In three years, Muwakhat Foundation sends 30,000 dropout girls to high school after counseling of their parents and overcome obstacles. Result with collective effort, we can change their world

According to statistics, overall women literacy rate is 41% and in rural areas literacy rate is 16%. An uneducated girl, risk high rate of maternal and child mortality will likely to marry before her 15th birthday. She may never know her human basic rights. Parents feel spend in education for girl is poor investment. Owing to all these circumstances, women have lost their employment and they are unaware about this fact that they can also play an important role in the development of the country.

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Last September, a devastating 8.2-magnitude earthquake struck the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico. Approximately 2.3 million people were affected and the number of deaths increased to 90. In addition, the tropical storms and hurricanes that have impacted this area have complicate the situation. Thousands of people have lost their homes and are living with no roof in raining, with high health risk.

Immediate relief efforts are needed to ensure survivors and first responders receive critical resources, including housing, medical aid, water, and emotional support. Once the immediate needs are addressed, these communities will need ongoing resources in order to re-establish their livelihoods, support communities, and jobs.

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Seva Mandir’s primary schools provide children in disadvantaged tribal areas with access to quality education in an interactive and joyful environment. Children are enabled to join mainstream schools, having become confident, independent learners.

Access to education in these areas is limited (a) because it is often locally unavailable, (b) because of domestic and economic pressures forcing children to work, and (c) because it has traditionally not been accorded value. Nearly half of rural children in our area are out of school, and literacy levels are around just 33%.

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In Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia, people crowd towns and cities to escape drought. Now food is short and prices are high. Smart gardens can capture and use water efficiently to quickly grow nutritious vegetables. Reach 500+ families with good vegetable seeds and resources like water tanks, drip irrigation, and skills training. Most gardeners are […]

Over 600 sex trafficked victims who have been rescued from dehumanizing slavery like conditions will be restored dignity through psycho-social support and economic empowerment for a safe and dignified life in the society. Andhra Pradesh & Telangana is the second largest supplier of women and children for sex trafficking. Every year 20,000 women and children […]

Of the more than 39 million people worldwide suffering from unnecessary blindness, more than half are due to cataract – which can be surgically treated. Blindness is most prevalent in developing countries where malnutrition, inadequate health and education services, poor water quality, and a lack of sanitation lead to a high incidence of eye disease. […]

40% of Afghan girls marry before age 18 and miss out on education that can help them avoid a life of poverty, abuse, and infant and maternal mortality. Education and postponing marriage increases future earnings and greatly improves the lives of the girls and their children. Sahar’s Early Marriage Prevention initiative, approved by the Ministry […]