Reiki is not a threat to traditional medicine. It is not another way of curing colds, boils, cancer or any disease whatsoever. The practitioner does not make this claim. Reiki is a comprehensive method that heals the person in his deepest self, whatever the symptoms are present


Pace Maker

Be especially careful if you wear a pacemaker, as the effects of reiki on this device are unpredictable.


If you have a fracture, avoid reiki while the fracture had not healed because the bone might set in a bad position.


Diabetics will need to monitor their insulin levels closely, as reiki may have an affect.

Avoid Alcohol

Avoid consuming alcohol before reiki as this can produce unwanted side effects.


Reiki cannot, under any circumstances, replace medical treatment. Consult a physician for any health problems, especially in the presence of symptoms requiring specific diagnosis or care.