Sunrise on an erupting Mount Agung in Bali

20% of every reiki session ordered during the month of December 2017 will be donated to this beautiful cause.

Earlier this autumn, the Mount Agung in Bali has awaken from a long 53 year nap. The inhabitants living on or near the Mount Agung have been displaced since the end of September 2017. Several months already and it could become years. Those people are likely to experience great lost such as their homes, farms and livestock.

I live in Bali, in one of these old houses open air, about 23 km from the newly awakened volcano. The wind blowing in my direction, I slept for two days in volcanic ash, wondering what would be the least uncomfortable way to fall asleep: with or without my mask N95. Ashes accumulated on cellular towers, creating a bad signal and thus affecting all forms of communication. I could hardly sleep, barely breathe, did not have internet and was getting increasingly grumpy.

Each time I was about to lose my cool due to the inconveniences that the volcanic eruption created in my daily life, I reminded myself about the Balinese evacuees of the red zone, sleeping on the hard floor in crowded sport centers, awaiting to see if the volcanic eruption is going to destroy everything they have, since two months! My situation suddenly didn’t seem that bad after all.

This Month, 20% of all Giving Hands Reiki incomes will go to Kopernik, whose offices are being used as a central coordination point for four NGO relief work. Together, they do a fabulous work by distributing critical supplies such as blankets, mats, diapers, medical supplies, water filters, solar lights, clothing, stoves, food and more to evacuation camps that aren’t being served by the government.

Organization Information

  • Kopernik
  • Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
  • Website:
  • Photo: Eye of a nomad