Since the ancient times, mankind had discovered and have been utilizing the numerous powers of crystals. More than ordinary ornaments, they are capable of enhancing the free flow of energy throughout the body. They facilitate the release of physical, mental and spiritual blockages. Widely popular for its numerous benefits, amethyst is one of the most revered gemstones all over the world. The precious stone has been associated with luxury and also a symbol of sobriety. Sceptres, crowns and even rings belonging to royalty and esteemed religious monarchs have all possessed amethyst.


Amethyst is a Greek word that literally translates as ‘not drunken’. Its popular use among ancient Greeks as a shield against the intoxicating effects of alcohol is thought to originate from this name. The Chinese, however, have an entirely different representation historically. They have never regarded amethyst as a symbol of sobriety but a symbol of wealth. It appears that both cultures are right as amethyst has been used for both purposes with great effects.

Like most other stones, it is composed of silicon dioxide, a major component of our body cells. This is why it is capable of purifying us at the cellular and spiritual levels.


Healing properties

Amethyst as a crystal stone has amazingly plentiful healing properties. As it is linked to the mind’s chakra, it is capable of ridding the soul off negative thoughts and purifying it. it is a natural tranquilizer that eases stress and strain, soothes irritability and relieves insomnia. The stone is particularly useful for work-related stress as it combines its unique healing powers with its wealth attracting properties to great effect. Its strong link to the crown chakra makes it a very useful stone for cleansing the mind of ill thoughts and negative emotions.

Protective properties

Amethyst’s popularity in Ancient Greece is owed chiefly to its protective properties. It’s useful in preventing overindulging in alcohol and drunkenness. It is also very useful for individuals struggling to overcome addictions to cigarettes and other drugs. It possesses a stimulant effect on the mind, encouraging focus and improving motivation.

A symbol of wealth

Amethyst is a symbol of luxury and it serves as a magnet of wealth. The stone is strongly associated with abundance and it helps crown hard work with numerous blessings. Amethyst could help channel the inflow of wealth into your home as well as business endeavors. Furthermore, amethyst also has properties that help with intuition, communication, and building relationships. This could prove very valuable to your business and personal life.


Amethyst is capable of influencing the spiritual and physical planes. It is associated with the wind and is therefore capable of transmitting peace and calm into an environment. It is also believed to activate the mind and has specific effects on intelligence and intuition. This is one of the properties that set amethyst apart from other stones as not many stones are associated with effects on intellect. It exerts a calming effect on the soul. It is ideal for soul-searching especially when trying to seek the reason for some unwanted behaviors on your part or another person’s. Also, amethyst can help you make the right decisions in situations where you feel your emotions may be clouding your judgment.


Amethyst’s calming effect also makes it a useful crystal for solving problems that might otherwise prove difficult to solve. It is particularly useful in emotionally tense situations. Its property of encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom greatly increases intelligence and problem-solving abilities. Amethyst helps to see every problem as conquerable and it also helps in understanding dreams. It could grant perfect control over negative emotions and encourage clarity of thoughts in all situations.

There are only a handful of gemstone that are as revered as amethyst, and even fewer can match its immense powers. Asides its beauty and uniqueness, an amethyst jewelry guarantees the calmness, sobriety and all the other properties associated with the crystal. We have a diverse collection of eco-friendly amethyst jewelry. Order for yours today! You could also gift it to the one you truly love. You’ll be amazed at how much they’ll love it.

Powerful healing male made of amethyst and aquamarine gemstonesHealing amethyst necklace with a gold vermeil Ganesha

Authored by Sipiwe Mashingaidze

Sipiwe Mashingaidze is the author of a number of books on holistic health and spirituality. She became interested in holistic health when she developed recurring health problems in her 30s and 40s that doctors could not eliminate. She only managed to eliminate her symptoms completely in 2008 when she did her own research and changed her diet. That is when she decided to write her first book. You can link with her on Facebook or visit her website here. If you would like to write an article for our blog, please read our guest posting guidelines.