Sat Nam Ring • Gold Vermeil

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Sat Nam Ring • Rhodochrosite • Gold Vermeil

My name is truth. That’s the meaning of the mantra ‘Sat Nam’ engraved on the inside of the ’Sat Nam’ ring and it vibrates in and through your life when you wear this ring. May you rest in the truth that you are. May you have the courage to express it with eloquence and courage. May it set you free.

Rhodochrosite is a deeply balancing and grounding stone, activating love and passion and energizing the soul. This stunning pink stone reminds us to find a positive outlook on life and inspires creativity. This beautiful stone creates overall harmony in ones life.


  • Materials: 22kt Gold Vermeil, Rhodochrosite
  • Available in size 5 - 9.
  • Stone diameter ~1.8cm | Band thickness ~2.1mm
  • Ethical production under healthy and happy conditions
  • Giving back to Street children in Bali
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