Aquamarine has been the sailors’ favorite since time immemorial. Literally translating to ‘water of the sea’, the pale, blue-green color is striking and there could hardly be any other befitting name. Since, thousands of years ago, the stone has been revered as a gift from mermaids, and often used to symbolize boundless beauty and eternal youth. It embodies everything about the sea, and elements in the heavens that are reflected on the sea. It has been a useful tool of seers, who strongly believe it has a great attractive effect on the moon and future events can be revealed by peering into the crystal. Present practitioners of crystal gazing also consider aquamarine an essential tool for their practice. All in all, the stone possesses great spiritual and metaphysical significance and it is a favorite of prophets, mystics and healers.


Aquamarine’s clear and transparent nature reflects purity and truth. It is mainly composed of iron crystals and it owes its greenish blue color to this element. Aquamarine crystals additionally have fine traces of yellow particles. Its combination of colors facilitates its association with multiple chakras, thereby giving it diverse properties and benefits. It is linked with the heart, throat and thymus chakras and It possesses great healing and protective properties. Aquamarine jewelries are beautiful to behold and still offer much more asides their aesthetic value.


Emotional Peace

Think about the waters of the sea and one word is sure to come to mind- calm. This is what aquamarine brings to the possessor. It is a perfect companion for getting rid of anxiety and phobia and encouraging calmness. Aquamarine gives you a grip over your emotions and it would help you examine emotional situations from a superior perspective. You can be sure of making the best decisions in matters that require emotional intelligence. You would be more tolerant to yourself and others and still exude calm even in the most worrying situations.

Clarity of speech

As it is often associated with the throat chakra, aquamarine promotes clarity of speech and encourages self-expression. It helps greatly in articulating your thoughts and commanding the audience. It also helps overcome stage fright that may arise whenever you need to make a speech. Beyond communication in the physical realm, aquamarine is useful for clearing communication blocks in the spiritual realm. It could also serve as a link to all chakras thereby promoting physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.


Aquamarine possesses excellent protective properties. As a travel crystal, it provides calmness and tranquility on your journey, especially on water. It eliminates the fear of water and sea sickness. It is also applicable to people involved in long distance travels by road or air.

Intellectual growth

The calming effect of aquamarine gives it the ability to exert a positive effect on the intellect. When your mind is calm and free of worries, you are better able to understand and assimilate concepts. This makes aquamarine the ideal crystal for students and other categories of learners. You would also find its ability to promote clarity of thoughts useful in situations where you need to make a presentation or even write-ups and exams.

Improving relationships

In ancient Rome, aquamarine was commonly exchanged as a gift between lovers. Its ability to promote emotional intelligence helps lovers focus on the everlasting joy of true love, rather than the transient pleasures of lust. It could help you develop healthy romantic relationships that would turn out beneficial for you and your partner in the long run. Incorporating aquamarine into your engagement or wedding rings is, in fact, a great idea. Aquamarine also inspires the ability to trust completely and let go of previous wrongs. These two characters are part of the foundations of great relationships and are unfortunately missing in many relationships today.

There is hardly any other stone that boasts the versatility of aquamarine. It is known widely as a stone of protection, healing, power and love. Wearing an aquamarine jewelry brings immeasurable inner peace and calm, and gives you the strength and belief needed to conquer everything that’s before you. Order for your beautiful and eco-friendly jewelries today. You could also gift it to your loved ones. You can be sure they’ll absolutely love it.


Authored by Sipiwe Mashingaidze

Sipiwe Mashingaidze is the author of a number of books on holistic health and spirituality. She became interested in holistic health when she developed recurring health problems in her 30s and 40s that doctors could not eliminate. She only managed to eliminate her symptoms completely in 2008 when she did her own research and changed her diet. That is when she decided to write her first book. You can link with her on Facebook or visit her website here. If you would like to write an article for our blog, please read our guest posting guidelines.